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Fleet Maintenance Software & Workshop Management Software Ireland and & UK

Whether you are a fleet operator or a workshop operator, FleetMinder helps you to carry out the functions required in maintaining a fleet or running a workshop. It manages the complete asset maintenance life cycle for fleet operators and manages the job card work-flow for workshop operators.

  1. Planning - FM Planner is an electronic asset inspection and maintenance scheduler. Annual maintenance planning view and a daily resource planning scheduler that helps you allocate tasks to available fitters and maximises labour efficiency.
  2. Inspections - with FM Inspect you can customise and carry out inspections, on or off-line
  3. Repair - with the user friendly job card system in FleetMinder Enterprise, you can capture all the parts and labour used on any asset repair. With the addition of FM Workshop, the fitters and parts are scanned on to the job card to ensure that all labour and parts are captured, allocated to the correct asset and charged on to customers with margin if applicable.
  4. Compliance - FleetMinder ensures that fleet operators can economically comply with all road-worthiness legislation by reducing the amount of administration that is involved in planning and preforming inspections and repairing defects. All inspection results, or repair job cards are filed electronically and can be instantly accessed on-line. 
  5. Control & Efficiency - from labour efficiency reports to live job margin reports, FleetMinder Enterprise has a complete suite of financial and operational reports to ensure that your business is operating as efficiently as possible. For a full list of reports please click here.

Benefits of using Fleetminder

Fleet Operators
Workshop Operators
  1. Vehicle maintenance planning                                         
  2. Electronic vehicle inspections, on or off-line
  3. SMS reminders for repairs/services & inspections
  4. Vehicle history file - all costs allocated to a vehicle
  5. Vehcile job cards accessible on-line
  6. Tyre Management
  7. Stock control
  8. Warranty management
  9. Job costing and work-flow
  10. Automated recovery of workshop labour
  11. Detailed vehicle, stock and labour reports
  12. Comply with all road-worthiness legislation
  1. Job costing and work-flow
  2. Scan labour and parts onto job cards
  3. Use touch-screens to add instructions to job cards
  4. Live sales & margin reporting
  5. Labour efficiency reports
  6. Live labour efficiency dashboard
  7. Daily workshop resource planning
  8. SMS reminders for repairs/services & inspections
  9. Stock control
  10. Warranty management
  11. Automated recovery of workshop labour
  12. Mobile fitters work live on system
  13. Production of an invoice with a seamless link to accounts package
  14. Comprehensive vehicle historical records for your customers
  15. Detailed vehicle, stock and labour reports

What makes us different?

Unlike other workshop management software FleetMinder has been designed and developed by people from an engineering and mechanical background. This means a complete understanding of the practical day to day problems encountered through ever increasing compliance within the transport and automotive industry, with a real perspective on how to operate a profitable workshop and reduce administrative overhead.

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