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FleetMinder is used by many fleet operators in Ireland and the UK as their workshop management software and fleet management maintenance software. Some of these fleet operators provide road transport services to third parties, whilst others have their own fleet to transport their own goods and services.

Also some fleet operators have their own vehicle maintenance units (VMU’s) and others may outsource part, or all of their fleet maintenance to third party commercial vehicle workshops. In either case FleetMinder delivers full cost control over both internal and external costs and ensures that all costs are monitored and allocated to the correct vehicle or other asset.

Our fleet operator customers have integrated FleetMinder into their business processes to varying degrees, depending on their business profile. In all cases, the FleetMinder core concepts of compliance, control, cost effectiveness and efficiency are why FleetMinder is the fleet operator software of choice for Ireland and the UK.


The onus is on the fleet owner to ensure that all commercial vehicle road worthiness legislation is fully complied with, especially with the introduction of the “Commercial Vehicle Road-Worthiness Bill 2012”.

FleetMinder has introduced the “compliance pack” to help fleet owners economically comply with all road-worthiness legislation.

The compliance pack contains all the modules necessary to carry all elements of the complete fleet maintenance life cycle:

FM Inspect works both on and off line, making it ideal for mobile inspections.

Of course FM Workshop can also be added to capture all workshop labour in real time as the fitters clock on and off all job cards through the use of touch screens. Also all parts used are scanned onto the job card so that all costs are captured accurately.

FM Enterprise also has a complete warranty tracking functionality to ensure that all your warranty repairs and replacements are accounted for and credited in full.

With these tools, fleet operators can easily plan, configure and carry out their own inspections and capture the results that are then added to the complete vehicle history file. Job cards can be raised to rectify any defects that were discovered during the inspections. Any cost of parts or labour are captured and are allocated to the vehicle history file.

The vehicle file and any associated job card or inspection record are stored electronically and can be recalled at any time to show that the fleet operator has fully complied with all road-worthiness legislation.


FleetMinder gives the fleet operator full control over all aspects of his fleet maintenance.

  1. Easily plan your fleet maintenance with FM Planner; the complete electronic planner. Drag and drop tasks to schedule and re-schedule inspections or maintenance. Ensure that your vehicle are marked “vehicle off road” (VOR) for as little time as possible. See at a glance what vehicles are available for operation.
  2. Carry out your inspections with FM Inspect, either at your base or at any location as it works both on and off line, which is ideal for mobile inspections. Configure your own inspections with the easy to use inspection designer. All inspections are then saved electronically and can be recalled at any time. Also if a fault is identified during an inspection, a job card can be raised immediately to repair the fault.
  3. FM Enterprise has full stock control, customer and supplier management, sales and purchase order processing and sales invoicing and complete warranty management functionality. It also has an extensive suite of reports that allow the fleet operator to have full visibility and control over all aspects of his fleet maintenance.

Cost Effectiveness – Bin the paperwork, boost the profits

The core philosophy of FleetMinder is to enable fleet operators to run their business in the most cost effective way as possible. How we do this is by taking industry best practice and automating them. Basically we take the paper out of the process so fleet owners spend less time on administration and more time on tasks that increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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