FleetMinder Guide

Please find some questions and answers to help you to get the most out of your FleetMinder Fleet Maintenance and Workshop Management Software.

You can view or download any section in pdf format. Alternatively you can submit any question that you may have through our on-line ticket system or just call +353 (0) 1 813 6397.

I want to get started with My FleetMinder; tell me how!

FleetMinder user manual chater 1 – Getting started

Customer is king….so, how so I create a profile for each customer or customer type?

FleetMinder user manual chapter 3 – All you ever need to know about the most important people in your life….your customers!

All you could ever need to know about your vehicles or those you maintain for others.

FleetMinder user manual chapter 5 – the vehicle file.

How do I ensure that I am charging out all my parts correctly and that my stock is correct? Stock losses are eroding my margins….

FleetMinder user manual chapter 6 – the stock file.

I want to make sure that I capture all my labour and parts on every job card, every labour hour and part counts.Show me how…

FleetMinder user manual chapter 8- job cards.

Can I raise purchase orders directly from a job card and also raise automated purchase orders for minium stock levels?

FleetMinder user manual chapter 10 – have full control and traceability on all purchase orders; find out how.

Are there reports that let me see my business at a glance, from margins to labour efficiency to total asset cost?

FleetMinder user manual chapter 12 – the standard reporting in FleetMinder covers everything from labour efficiency, to margin reports broken down by any parameter, to total asset cost. FleetMinder is the complete workshop and fleet maintenance / fleet management business intelligence tool.

The standard reports have been developed with you in mind; through co-operation with our customers we now have a suite of reports (available to everyone) that are vital to any commercial operation in today’s environment.

If there is a report that you require that we currently do not have then we will create a custom report for you and also release it to the community so everyone benefits.

Now that I can log in and out, how do I set-up the basic records (customer, supplier, vehicle, stock record, job card, sales order)?

FleetMinder user manual chater 2 – The basics

To sell it, you’ve got to buy it first. Your supplier records….

FleetMinder user manual chapter 4 – Your suppliers.

How do I ensure that I am charging out all my parts correctly and that my stock is correct? Stock losses cost me a lot f money.

FleetMinder user manual chapter 6 – the stock file.

By using FleetMinder’s stock control functionality, I won’t have to worry about year end stock write-downs & lost margin

FleetMinder user manual chapter 7- the stock take.

I raise a lot of estimates and quotations. Can I convert these into live job cards if they are accepted?

FleetMinder user manual chapter 9 – raising estimates/quotations.

Is there a sales order module just for selling parts, if there is no labour involved? Can I see a running margin report at any time?

FleetMinder user manual chapter 11 – know exactly what your margin is on every sales order before it is finalised; see the chapter on raising sales orders.

How does our FleetMinder administrator configure important system settings?

FleetMinder user manual chapter 13 – system menu and configuration (for administrators).

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