Vendor Management

Controlling internal work processes is one thing, but when you have to deal with external service partners and suppliers, streamlining workflow can become problematic. That’s where FleetMinder’s Vendor Management component can help.

FleetMinder has been developed with a Vendor Management component that allows you to connect your system with that of external workshops and other business partners in order to give you greater control over work orders, costs and invoicing.

‘The Vendor Management module allows you to interact with external workshops in real-time so you reduce paperwork and gain visibility over work orders and costs.’

Here’s how it works

  1. Work orders are sent via FleetMinder in real-time to external workshops
  2. Partner agrees on the work to be carried out and the cost
  3. Once the work is complete, the complete work order is sent for approval
  4. When approved, the invoice is sent via FleetMinder and into the accounts system for payment
  5. The vehicle history file is updated automatically

Throughout the entire process, the fleet operator is able to monitor all work orders in real-time, so action can be taken in the event of delays or payment queries.

The benefits to the operator are huge. The Vendor Management system cuts out much of the administration and paperwork involved when dealing with external suppliers, while, at the same time, offering much greater control over work-in-progress.

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