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FleetMinder is all about automation and making it much simpler for you to manage fleet maintenance – no matter how demanding your needs are. By removing unnecessary paperwork and administration, our software will also help you to reduce your costs, improve efficiency and massively enhance fleet productivity.

FleetMinder does this is by giving you immediate access to all the information and data you need to plan process improvements, maintenance, budgets and forecasts, as well as develop and meet key performance indicators.

It does this through a fully featured, comprehensive reporting function, which can be used to create highly detailed analytical reports, customised to meet your specific needs:

  • Work-in-progress – View all work-in-progress at a glance, so you stay on top of invoicing and cashflow
  • Sales and profit analysis – See key figures, financial data and statistical information for individual projects, customers and wider segments
  • Productivity – Full reporting function for labour costs and productivity, allowing you to compare hours worked to hours charged and wages paid
  • Warranty reporting – Make sure you benefit from all warranty agreements, where eligible
  • Stock control – Stay in control of stock levels, reduce errors and anticipate when new supplies are needed

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