Return On Investment

Investing in the most innovative technology can make a huge difference to how well your business performs. With FleetMinder’s Workshop Management Software, you can expect to see your investment to start paying dividends in as little as six months. In fact, some of our clients have reported savings of over 300% of the initial licence fee in the first year alone.

‘A workshop with a charge-out rate of €50 per hour for each technician can expect to regain 15 minutes efficiency per day for each member of staff. Over a year, that could amount to in excess of €24,000  in additional labour sales.’

One example of how FleetMinder’s Workshop Management Software helps you recover your investment quickly is through the Maintenance Management module, which allows you to invoice in a variety of ways in order to optimise revenue gains.

This can be particularly useful for multi-franchise organisations, for instance, when managing profit margin bands, blanket mark-ups or discount codes.

Five ways FleetMinder’s Workshop Management Software boosts ROI

  • Big increases in labour efficiency
  • Reduced overheads and stock losses
  • Increased margins
  • Improved sales revenues on labour and parts

For fleet operators, there are big gains to be made too, in terms of internal costs for vehicles.

Here are some examples of the ROI benefits reported by FleetMinder customers:

  • Labour sales increases of  €17,000 – €20,000 per year
  • Cost of sales reduction in the region of €14,000 – €19,000 per year
  • Parts sales margins up €8,000 – €10,000 per year
  • Annual profit increase of €49,000  since deploying Fleetminder
  • Average annual increase in profit of €49,000, per year, every year

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