Vehicle Inspection Software

Vehicle Inspection Software

Because our solution has been designed from the ground up by former fleet managers and experienced workshop personnel, we have an in-depth understand of the issues affecting fleet operations. That’s why every module has been designed to address a common issue faced by fleet managers – such as our Vehicle Inspection Software module.

Vehicle inspections and compliance is one of the most challenging issues for many fleet managers, so our Vehicle Inspection Software has been developed to allow instant retrieval of vehicle condition reports and inspection logs regarding safety, drivers and their vehicles.

‘Reports consistently show that FleetMinder dramatically improves compliance, as well as vehicle pass rate during inspections.’

Vehicle Inspection Software Features

  • Map vehicle history to registration numbers
  • View previous inspection results at a click
  • Perform searches based on location or tester
  • Include damage report logs and annotate files with photos and text
  • Customise fields to improve inspection efficiency
  • Automatically identify vehicles for maintenance and repair.
  • Add QR/barcode to windscreens to easily view inspection history.
  • Integrates fully with third party workshop systems.


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