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‘From its base in Dublin, ASC Software is the exclusive distributor for the asanetwork in Ireland.’

The asanetwork plays a crucial role in fleet management operations. This is because the ASA Software enables all types of measurement and test equipment, regardless of manufacturer, to be fully compatible with commercial software systems. For FleetMinder users, this means most specialised garage equipment is compatible with our own platform.

‘FleetMinder works in partnership with Automotive Services to provide a wide range of garage equipment, including emissions and brake testers, as well as test lanes. Automotive Services can also provide information and advice on associated issues such as compliance requirements, installation procedures and workshop/test lane layouts.’

Bringing it all together is the Network Manager. It is through this interface that all data format and transfer protocols are standardised to the asanetwork. The Network Manager then coordinates all the data streams, performing regular backups and storing data for later retrieval.

ASA Software Benefits:

  • Save time and reduce errors though ‘once-only’ vehicle identification
  • Instantly retrieve repair information at remote locations connected to the net
  • Reduced paperwork as test results are automatically saved to the vehicle file
  • More streamlined workflow and efficient planning for technicians and administrative staff
  • Greater efficiency of order processing due to clear transparency
  • Fast access to all vehicle history with all associated data
  • Makes managing insurance claims and leasing returns simple
  • Easy online update service
  • Efficient e-commerce capability including parts identification, warehouse logistics and order processing
  • Higher productivity means lower reductions and greater profits

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